Thursday, March 18, 2004

It's the same the whole world over:

From a colleague sub ...... (that's copy editor for those that prefer the term)

Tricksy subses. Hates them, precious, yessss we hates them.
Cutses our workses they does. Takeses our precious wordses and
mutilatesss them.
Pedantses they is, precious. Gollum. Makeses our delicious mangled
wordssss all correct and suckssss the lifeses from them.
Hates them. Stupid subses don't readses our storieses, just cutssss, cutssss,
cutssss. Gollum. Ruins our precious scribbleses and scrawlssss sos that itsss
not like our storieses at all, precious.
They don't think, no precious, they don't thinkses that readerss lookssss
at our bylineses and thinks we is stupidness. They never thinkses, No not
them, stinking subses.
But we'll show them, precioussss, yesssss.
We will leave, yesssss, before deadlineses, precious. And they can
ringses, and ring and ring and ringses. They can be lordses of the ringssss,
but we won't be here, precious.
We will be at the pubses, yes.
Make them weep and wail while we drinkses and drinkses and drinkses.
Yes, precious.
Subses, Filthy sstinkin, sstupid subses. We hates them, we hatess them
Yesss, precious. Gollum, gollum.

Pubses sounds sensible for subses


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