Wednesday, June 02, 2004


I've accidently deleted them and will restore later when I get time.

For DM's benefit, here's an earlier draft of code I have on file.

[!-- Sidebar --]
[div id="sideBar"]


Add things to your sidebar here.
Use the format:

[li][a href="URL"]Link Text[/a][/li]



[h6]People whose opinions are useful[/h6]
[li][a href=""]Prints The Chaff[/a][/li]
[li][a href=""]Testy Copy Editors[/a][/li]
[li][a href=""]The Slot[/a][/li]

[li][a href=""]A Capital Idea[/a][/li]
[li][a href=""]ACES board[/a][/li]
[li][a href=""]Copy Massage[/a][/li]
[li][a href=""]News Designer[/a][/li]
[li][a href=""]Stylin' and Smilin'[/a][/li]
[li][a href=""]First Draft[/a][/li]
[li][a href=""][/a][/li]
[li][a href=""]adversepossessor
[li][a href=""]Plain English Campaign




Blogger Dave said...

Thanks Paul!!

11:34 PM  
Blogger Paul said...

You are welcome

12:05 AM  

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