Wednesday, March 30, 2005

Something worth remembering

I found this nifty quote on the web page of ABC Television's Media Watch:
Being a newspaper columnist is like marrying a nymphomaniac - it's great for the first two weeks."
- Lewis Grizzard (1947 - 1994)

This former columnist can verify all of the except for the bit about marrying.

Wednesday, March 02, 2005

Brain food

One of the reasons I'm in this game is the childhood association of takeaway fish and chips being wrapped up in newspapers. Ah, the romance of it all. Some years ago this was banned because of concerns about contamination from printing plates and ink refined from crude oil. Now that we use plates made with lasers and put non-toxic inks through the press can't we restore the practice?

Double plus ungood reports: "BEFORE Christ" has been written out of some history books in NSW schools and replaced with "Before Common Era" in political correctness gone mad, the State Opposition said today. Details here.

About our papers

Nifty profiles of the community papers I work on are now available at The other gig is a day a week at the Illawarra Mercury, a regional daily.

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