Friday, March 19, 2004

Graphical precision

A large part of my duties involves pagination.

Happily I love it - even the seemingly non-challenging tasks.

I like working in precise measures such as points (there being 72 points to an inch) quad ems or picas (12 points to the pica).

This opens up a world of opportunity for establishing ratios between headline size and the space to the next item and a box of other aesthetic tricks.

Every now and then while out socially I'm told by some youngish designer or photographer that nobody uses those measures any more.

To which all I can say is that it shows in the work of papers and magazines that don't.

Studying the measurements of the craft is as important as a fine artist doing life drawing.

The reader might not notice much about the nuances but will appreciate the cleaner look.

38cm deep by 62p2 rules OK!


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